Friday, March 1, 1974

We need each other

Ray submitted the following:

If it were possible for a life to be lived without parents, brothers, sisters, or without association with any other person, the deplorable state of such an individual would be almost beyond comprehension. So we need each other. First our parents, brothers and sisters, and friends. Then wives, husbands, and children. We also need others to supply employment, to manufacture, to furnish things we need. Thus life is made more bounteous and enjoyable.

Life is a continuous round of doing something for someone else and they in turn doing something for you. Nevertheless, we hope to be self-sustaining. If we owe a debt, we want to pay it. We do not want to live on the fruits of another person's labor. But for man to try and live altogether independently of one another is against the law of achievement. What greater way to pay our debts than to work for those who have preceded and had our way prepared for us.

The family bond should always be maintained. Reunions are necessary that family ties be not forgotten, and also that through united effort certain obligations will be taken care of, friendships renewed, and the unity of the family maintained. I believe the will of the Lord to be that we all united that we can more effectively discharge our responsibilities and establish a lasting bond of friendship and love among us.

With all my love to family members that we may keep the faith always.

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