Friday, March 1, 1974

Ray's research report

The past year I have read 172 rolls of microfilm at a cost of $128. I collected $45 at the reunion last summer, so you can see the amount I've paid out of my own pocket. There is much more I could do if I had the money to spend. I am almost ready to hire a researcher on the Cleverly lines.

Last month I found access to Aunt Louisa's records and have been copying them. I have been able to add four generations of grandparents from these records. I added seven pedigree charts on Dad's Horton lines. There are 1,239 names ready to be processed. I am presently planning on putting them in the family file of the Provo Temple. Would anyone else like some names put in the other temples close to you so you can have the joys of doing work for your ancestors? If so, let me know.

Finally, for this year I have spent $20.50 for films and for pictures for this year's renion.

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