Friday, March 1, 1974

Message to descendants

Ray submitted this as what our grandparents Henry William Cleverly and Olive Ellen Ritchie could be saying to us, their descendants. It comes from a dream that he had.

Beloved children (for you are all our children; what does it matter wheter it's grandchildren or great-grandchildren or second or third great-grandchildren; we are all one family), we want you to know that we are pleased with what you are doing in gathering as a family and looking to your forefathers with respect and honor. We are glad to have come in remembrance before you.

Many loved ones wait in the prison section of paradise. You are their hope. Baptism opens the gate, endowments enable them to progress, marriage for eternity and sealing of children allow them to continue in the family unit until they attain exaltation.

If you hurry, more of us can come with the Savior when He arrives in the Millennium. If you neglect us, you must take your place at the end of the line when He comes.

Our thanks go out to Ray, Jerry, and Dean, and the rest who have helped so many over here.

We must not speak of things over here other than to say that now you're on a journey and you'll be coming HOME before long. When you cross the gulf, you'll leave the earthly things behind. There are three items you can bring: your character, the things you know, and all the good and bad you've done.

Oh, remember us, remember us. Walk not the selfish way. We rejoice in heaven that you are met together on this day. And now, our children, farewell until we meet again.

Grandma & Grandpa

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