Friday, March 1, 1974

Bits and tidbits

Lyle is going into his third year with Transcontinental Refrigeration. For 1973 he was their number five man in sales. He placed second in their Christmas contest, which won him a nice cash prize. Evidently he has a few problems getting gas, but nothing severe yet. He's thinking of adding a second regulation gas tank to his car. If the fuel situation get bad enough, they are considering moving from Ferndale when school is out in June to some place more centrally located.

Dale left from the Salt Lake International Airport for Bolivia the day following Christmas. Harry and Hazel Pledger, Dad and Mom, Jackie, Gail and Lynda, Kay and Claudia, and families were all there to see him off.

Jackie is keeping busy these days. Besides going to school and early-morning seminary, she works part-time at the Dairy Queen, takes piano lessons (and cleans house to pay for them), is first counselor in the MIA program, is Primary librarian, and tries to get in her service hours. If all that's not enough, she's thinking of taking dance lessons.

Randy and Scott play city Little League basetball every Saturday and do pretty good at it.

Kyle was recently honored at "Someone Special" week at school. He shared his baby pictures, a favorite record, and some pictures he had drawn.

Claudia (mine) is pregnant again. We're expecting another boy August 19, two weeks short of Michael Adam's first birthday.

Stan is living at home again. He hasn't had any luck so far with his job hunting but is hopeful of getting on at the big Fred Meyer's complex opening in May.

Jackie spent a week in early January in southern California with the Don Carrolls of Nampa.

Ike received two lumps of coal for Christmas. Although intended as a "mischievous boy" present, it's not such a bad gift in these days of fuel shortages.

Lyle and Barbara started off the year with Scott in the hospital with a severe sinus infection and inflammation. He spent a total of six days there, hooked up to the IV bottles the whole time, getting massive doses of antibiotics through his veins. He is alright now, except for occasional headaches.

Jerry is now a full-time student at Boise State College (which officially became a university on February 22). He works weekends and two nights a week besides. Sometime in June he is scheduled for an operation.

Dad has made a rug since Christmas.

A few weeks into this semester, I decided that trying to go to law school part-time along with everything else I had to do just wasn't working. So I dropped the two law classes I was taking and it has made life so much easier.

Barbara is in a bowling league again this year. She bowled her first 200 game ever in January and followed up two weeks later with a second 200 and a 534 series. She even beats Lyle once in a while now!

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