Friday, March 1, 1974


Some kids never know when to quit. And young Rhett Cleverly, one of Kay's and Claudia's boys, seems to be one of these. This particular incident started back in the end of November when older brother Ike had baked a cake for his Cub Scout pack meeting. Year-and-a-half-old Rhett spied the cake way up on the stove and decided he'd have a taste. So up he climbed, salted and peppered the cake, and started playing with the buttons on the stove. It took only seconds to start a potholder on fire and to thoroughly burn his hands.

Five days later, with hands still bandaged, Rhett was playing in the kitchen again when, before anyone knew what was happening, he pulled two-month-old Chad off the counter onto the floor. Chad's arm was broken and he had it in a cast until Decmeber 28.

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