Wednesday, April 10, 1974

What's in a name?

In ancient times names were chosen because of their meaning—especially in the Hebrew culture, which has had a great influence on English names. Here are the origins and meanings, as far as could be found, of names used in our family:

Name [Origin]: Meaning

Adam [Hebrew]: first man
Andrea [Greek]: woman
Angela [Greek]: angel

Barbara [Greek]: a foreeigner or stranger

Chad [Celtic]: the martial
Cheryl [German]: strong and womanly
Claudia [Latin]: the lame one
Curtis [Old French]: courteous or of the court

Dale [Anglo-Saxon]: from the valley
David [Hebrew]: beloved
Dean [Latin]: a chief or ecclesiastical head
Debra [Hebrew]: the bee or inudstrious (deseret)
Dorothy [Greek]: God's gift
Douglas [Celtic]: thoughtful

Gail [Anglo-Saxon]: to sing
Gena [Hebrew]: God is gracious
Gene [Greek]: of noble race

Harry [Danish]: one in command of an army
Hazel [Anglo-Saxon]: the hazel (tree)

Ivard [origin unknown]: meaning unknown

Jackie [Hebrew]: the supplanter
Jeff [Teutonic]: God's peace
Jerry [Hebrew]: exalted of the Lord

Kay [Latin]: the rejoiced in
Kelley [Celtic]: a warrior
Kimberley [origin unknown]: meaning unknown
Kristine [Greek]: a Christian
Kyle [Irish]: a chapel

LaWanda [Teutonic]: the wanderer
Lyle [French and Latin]: of the isle
Lynda [Spanish]: pretty or beautiful

Marc [Latin]: a warrior or defender
Michael [Hebrew]: one who is like God

Randy [Teutonic]: house wolf
Ray [Latin]: the radiant
Rhett [origin unknown]: meaning unknown
Richard [Teutonic]: the rich and hard

Scott [Scotch]: the wanderer
Shauna [origin unknown]: meaning unknown
Sheryl [German]: strong and womanly
Stanley [Old English]: from the stony lea

Tami [Hebrew]: a palm tree
Terry [Latin]: the smooth, tender

William [Teutonic]: resolute protector

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