Wednesday, April 10, 1974

What I've been up to

[A copy of an article from the Daily Universe, Thursday, April 4, 1974, about the TICCIT project on which I had been working]

The article on the previous page partly explains the project I've been working on for the past two years. But now I'm off to better things. On April 22 I begin a new job as an assistant trainer in the Clerk Training Department of the Presiding Bishopric's Office (PBO). Essentially I will be a writer, working on instructional materials for clerks, and materials for both Welfare Services and the Aaronic Priesthood MIA.

My office will be on the eighteenth floor of the new General Church Office Building. We will remain in Provo, at least for now, and I will commute to Salt Lake each day. We are so excited about this new opportunity, which comes after months and months of waiting and hoping and praying.

About two weeks ago, in the process of getting this new job, I had an interview with Bishop H. Burke Peterson, first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric. That was a special occasion.

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