Saturday, December 1, 1973

What I've been up to

There has been some question about what I'm doing these days. I often wonder that myself. I continue working full-time for BYU as an English author on the TICCIT Project (pronounced like "ticket" and meaning Time-shared Interactive Computer-Controlled Informational Television). Very simply, I'm helping write a computerized, televised English compostion course for junior college freshmen and remedial students.

In addition, I'm attending on a part-time basis BYU's new J. Reuben Clark Jr. Law School, which is in its first year. I have two classes: one in property and one in contracts. There is a policy against part-time students, so I'm the only such one in the law school. That took a little string-pulling, especially since I didn't even try to get in until three weeks after the semester had started. But I'm there now and really enjoying it. Depending on how long the TICCIT Project continues, I plan to go full-time to law school either next fall or in the fall of 1975.

The job I was trying to get last summer in the clerk training department of the Presiding Bishopric's Office in Salt Lake was given to a man with much broader experience than I have yet (and just very recently I also learned that he is a Regional Representative). So nothing there.

Claudia does not plan to return to teaching but leaves all that aside for the more honorable work of motherhood.

The Cleverly Newsletter, Dec 1973 [Vol 1 no 2]

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