Saturday, December 1, 1973

A Christmas message

From Ivard and Dorothy Cleverly

We love all our family very much and we're very proud of all of you. Naturally we miss you all when you are so far away, and even though we don't write as much as we should, you are all in our thoughts and prayers every day.

This we can say to you all: read the scriptures, take the Church magazines, and read them. They are our prophets speaking to us, telling us, showing us, helping us back to live with our Heavenly Father as one big happy family. If we go to church and keep busy in the Church and live its teachings, we will be happy and will love each other. Pay your tithing. That's the best fire insurance you can have because you will not be burned as stubble at His coming.

We love you and wish only the best for all of you as we begin this Christmas season.

/s/ Mother and Dad

The Cleverly Newsletter, Dec 1973 [Vol 1 no 2]

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