Saturday, December 1, 1973

Talk in church

On Sunday, November 25, Ike gave his very first 2 1/2-minute talk in the senior Sunday School of the Bountiful 36th Ward. He based on this little article by Dean L. Maughan, entitled "Road Signs":

All of us know what a stop sign looks like. It is a big sign with the word STOP on it. The stop sign is placed where one road meets another one. It is a danger point. It warns us that danger is ahead. Without the stop sign, something bad might happen.

As we grow up we will see many stop signs. We must stop and see whether the road is clear. Our parents and teachers tell us what many of these stop signs are. There is the stop sign that ways we must not steal. There is a stop sign that says we must not tell a lie.

We must learn to obey the signs our parents and teachers tell us about. They will keep us from harm. I hope we will watch for the danger signs.

The Cleverly Newsletter, Dec 1973 [Vol 1 no 2]

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