Sunday, September 2, 1973

Second annual family reunion

The second annual Ivard R Cleverly family reunion belongs now to history. The fun, the food, and the friendshipping should linger as a pleasant memory for all who participated. Ray and Sheryl deserve special thanks for planning and then hosting the reunion in their Burley home. Twenty-three family members came, out of a possible thirty-nine. The sixteen lost souls belonged to Lyle's and Kay's families, neither of which were able to attend.

The reunion weekend began Friday evening, July 13, with a dinner and lots of visiting. Saturday morning featured breakfast, organized games, and more visiting. Following lunch a business meeting was held. Then a swimming excursion and a night picnic. Sunday meant meetings, a final meal, and departures.

In the business meeting: (1) Jerry, Ray, and Dean were appointed as the family genealogy committee; (2) Ray talked about certain items he could get for food storage; (3) Gene forwarded the idea of buying land; and (4) Ray showed a packet of genealogy materials he had prepared for each family. The pictures of early homes and chapels, together with Harry Pledger's story of how he courted Grandma Batt, make this packet well worth its $10 price.

The Cleverly Newsletter, Sept 1973 [Vol 1 no 1]

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