Sunday, September 2, 1973


First, a few words of explanation. At the recent family reunion everyone unanimously picked Jerry, Ray, and me to work with genealogy. We were given the go-ahead to organize the work however we wanted. Jerry and I discussed the possible publication of a family newsletter and concluded that my talents could better be used in this area than with specific research assignments. This then is the beginning of the results of that decision.

Now a family newsletter is much broader than genealogy narrowly conceived. A newsletter keeps people informed; it helps keep families united. But such a project requires everyone's help. If the spotlight never shines on your particular family, blame no one but yourself, since I plan to share only that news you send to me. If there are births, baptisms, ordinations, graduations, job changes, vacations—in short, anything you want shared with everyone else—send me the information and it will make the next number of the newsletter.

Expect a copy of the newsletter four times a year—free of charge—in September, December, March, and June. This one is the first.

The Cleverly Newsletter, Sept 1973 [Vol 1 no 1]

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