Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School's out

School's out again and summer's here. For two in the family, Debbie and Terry, came graduations from high school and an end, at least for now, to formal education.

Debbie graduated from Ogden High School on the evening of May 30 in commencement exercises held in the Weber State College stadium under clear, cool skies. She was one of nearly 400 graduates. Claudia, Michael Adam, and I, Ray, Richard, and Shauna, and Jerry (who had been staying with us) went to Ogden to see Debbie graduate. Baccalaureate was held Sunday evening, May 26, in the Ogden High School Auditorium. Earlier, on May 16, Debbie had graduated from seminary.

Terry graduated from Ferndale High School on the evening of Monday, June 3, in commencement exercises at the Ferndale High School. Terry was a straight A student the last two trimesters of his senior year.

In other news, Kyle has finished Kindergarten and is eager to start in the first grade in September. He reports that he can put a model car together all by himself now. During the summer he is taking swimming lessons.

Kristine has been chosen as one of the cheerleaders for next school year at Ogden's Central Junior High School. Kris was also a straight A student for the last term of this school year.

Jerry has done well this last semester at his classes at Boise State University. He received two As, two Bs, and one C. It looks like he will be attending classes this summer, since any operation has been put off indefinitely.

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